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Meralco Powerclub

We built a website and created content that catered to their C-suite audience. The goal? Make the energy beat sexy.


Since 2013, Meralco’s Power Club magazine has been an important communications touchpoint for the brand’s enterprise customers. In 2018, the country’s largest power distributor asked us: Do you think we can bring this online? Are C-level executives consuming more online content than print?

Content Lab worked hand-in-hand with Meralco’s corporate business group, a slew of print veterans who were well-versed in the energy sector, and our digital editors to analyze content data. The goal? Make energy sound sexy and entertaining, without alienating the target market.

The team beefed up its customer partner profiles, asking constantly: Which industries could benefit from Meralco’s services—and how can we write about them? Agility means everything in digital. The team looked at creating on-the-day stories, covering press conferences and events. Power Club became more than just a marketing tool, it broke industry news, too.

We built the platform, took charge of hosting and web maintenance, curated a special team of editors specifically for the digital hub, suggested, wrote, and edited articles and videos. We did monthly analytics reports with the client so we all knew what worked, what didn’t, and what we could improve on.

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