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We conceptualized and produced live content for the brand’s Facebook page and audience.




Nido 3+ has always been the trusted brand by parents to be their best partner in their toddler’s growing up years. Because of the pandemic, new parenting concerns rose among mommies and daddies who are stuck at home with their kids. Nido 3+ saw the need to address these parenting issues with the help of experts with a series of FB live masterclasses.

We partnered with experts who are credible in giving tips and advice when it comes to parenting and toddler management. We worked with a pool of creatives to write, produce, and create social posts that make up for the ToddlerExpertips FB live series.


We managed to create an avenue for the brand to connect with their audience despite the lock down restrictions in a larger scale with an average of almost 1k viewers every live. Through the series, Nido 3+ was able to help parents with their rising parenting concerns during the pandemic with relevant topics such as nutrition, homeschooling, and other issues that deal with a toddler’s growing up years.


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